Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter of 2020 – Buying Guide

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Whether you are driving your car to work every day or undertaking a long road trip, listening to good music makes the drive enjoyable. Modern cars have USB ports and auxiliary units to connect your smartphone through a cable and listen to your collection of music on the car’s stereo system. However, if your vehicle is not technologically advanced and is devoid of USB ports and auxiliary units, a Bluetooth FM transmitter is the gadget for you.

Bluetooth FM transmitter is a device which connects with your smartphone using Bluetooth. The audio received by the transmitter from your phone is then converted into an FM signal by the device which is then transferred to the stereo system of your car. Thus, you get a high volume output since the car speakers are used. Bluetooth FM transmitters utilize FM frequencies that are not used by radio stations to stream music and other kinds of audio from your smartphone.

Benefits of a Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Bluetooth FM transmitter not only enables music from the smartphone to be played on the car stereo but also amplifies the GPS app voice to hear the directions in crystal clear sound quality. It is also useful for hands-free phone calls.

Most of the Bluetooth FM transmitters are compatible with both Android as well as iOS smartphones.

Bluetooth FM transmitter is a cost-effective option for listening to music directly from your smartphone. This is because a Bluetooth FM transmitter costs much less as compared to expenses incurred for upgrading your car stereo to a Bluetooth enabled unit.

Features of a good Bluetooth FM transmitter

A good quality Bluetooth FM transmitter will work in large range of frequencies ranging from 88.1 to 107.9 megahertz to provide excellent sound quality. Advanced models also have in-built noise filter to reduce background noises caused by disturbance. Equalizer feature to adjust the quality of the sound is present in most good models of Bluetooth FM transmitters.

These are the ten best Bluetooth FM transmitters currently available in the market.

Best Buy Bluetooth FM Transmitter In 2020

1. Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Car Transmitter

Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Car Transmitter

Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter is compatible with most of the major smartphones and other devices. The sound quality is very high due to advanced noise reduction technology used by the device. Apart from Bluetooth, the transmitter can also use Aux cable and TF card to play music on the car stereo. You can also answer your phone calls through the transmitter by merely pressing a button. Other essential features of the transmitter are as follows.

  • LCD screen size is 1.44 inch. It displays various information such as song name, car battery voltage and numbers of incoming phone calls.
  • Voltmeter function keeps track of the quality of the car battery.
  • 5V port to charge mobile and other devices swiftly.

2. IMDEN Bluetooth FM Transmitter

IMDEN Bluetooth FM Transmitter

IMDEN is a compact Bluetooth FM transmitter which uses FM signal in the frequency range 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. It streams both music and phone calls from the smartphone to the car’s stereo system by using the FM signals. The transmitter is compatible with Android mobile devices, tablets, iPhones, iPads and iPods. The device is capable of quickly switching between calls and music. It is also suitable for voice navigation using GPS apps. Other features of the Bluetooth FM transmitter have been listed here.

  • Noise suppression technology for high-quality audio.
  • In-built high-quality microphone for calls.
  • In-built protection features such as over voltage and current protection, short circuit protection and temperature control.
  • Smart voice recognition technology.
  • Supports two devices for charging.

3. LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter

LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter

LDesign Bluetooth FM transmitter uses Bluetooth V5.0 to connect with the device. It works with all kinds of smartphones, tablets and other devices. The transmitter uses CVC technology to suppress wind and noise to provide full duplex sound quality. Echo cancellation reduces background noise during phone calls. Music can be played using four modes; Bluetooth, TF card, USB flash drive and audio cable. Other features of the transmitter are as follows.

  • Hands-free calling and voice navigation function.
  • LED screen to display essential information such as frequency, song name, incoming call numbers, and car battery voltage.
  • Anti-interference function and stable transmission.
  • Lifetime warranty and free replacement.

4. TeckNet Bluetooth FM Transmitter

TeckNet Bluetooth FM Transmitter

TeckNet Bluetooth FM Transmitter transmits audio and music from both Android and iOS devices. Frequencies used by the device range between 88 and 107 MHz. It provides crystal clear sound quality after connecting with the device. The transmitter also doubles up as a car charger due to the presence of an extra in-built USB port for charging USB devices. Other essential features of the transmitter are as follows.

  • 5mm jack to connect the transmitter to the device.
  • Buttons with arrows on both the ends of the device to set the FM channel.
  • The high contrast display screen for high visibility of the information displayed.

5. GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter


GOgroove FlexSMART X2 is a high-quality Bluetooth FM transmitter with multiple advanced features. It has a gooseneck design which enables it to adjust in any vehicle. This transmitter simultaneously connects two devices and allows audio and call streaming from either of the two connected devices. On-board call buttons enable hands-free calling while driving. Other features of the device are as follows.

  • In-built microphone with high-end voice detection technology for improved phone call experience.
  • HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles.
  • LED display screen.
  • Frequency range: 88.1 to 107.9 MHz.
  • USB charging port to charge the device while talking or streaming music.
  • Three years warranty.

6. Sumind Wireless Car Bluetooth FM transmitter

Sumind Wireless Car Bluetooth FM transmitter

Sumind Bluetooth FM transmitter has two USB ports; 2.4A charging port and QC3.0 fast charge port. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices. The device uses Bluetooth V4.2 which saves energy and lasts longer. It also supports TF/Micro SD card and AUX output and input. Noise and interference cancellation technology provides crystal clear sound. The 270-degree gooseneck design helps in rotating the screen for comfortable viewing. Other significant features of the transmitter are as follows.

  • Enhanced Data Rate technology enables faster data transmission and imparts more stability to the connection between the transmitter and the stereo system.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free talking.
  • A 1.7-inch backlight LCD to view information such as song name, incoming call number and car battery charge.

7. Aphaca Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Aphaca Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Aphaca is small in size but has two USB ports for attaching devices for charging and playing audio. The transmitter is compatible with almost all kinds of smartphones and tablets which are Bluetooth enabled. It also supports micro SD cards with memory up to 32GB. A built-in microphone allows hands-free calling. The device automatically switches from music to hands-free mode in case of an incoming call.

  • CVC technology and noise cancellation feature combine to produce high sound quality. Other main features are as follows.
  • Frequency range is between 87.5 to 108.0 MHz.
  • Smart Car Locator feature of the device provides information about the parking location, distance, direction and parking time via an app called Fast Find Car.
  • Warns the driver when the car battery voltage is less than 12V.

8. JETech Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

JETech Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

JETech Bluetooth FM transmitter is small enough to fit in pockets. This transmitter connects with smartphones and tablets having the 3.5mm headphone jack. It is compatible with a range of devices including iPhones and iPads. The FM frequency can be easily adjusted by pressing the highly responsive buttons. Other features of the device are as follows.

  • Extra port for charging devices.
  • High-quality sound.
  • A bright display screen for easy reading.
  • Constructed of strong ABS material.

9. Teswell Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Teswell Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Teswell Bluetooth FM transmitter has a compact design and is a portable device. It is compatible with devices having 3.5mm audio jack including iPhone 6S/6S Plus SE, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, and MP3/MP4 players. This transmitter has an in-built battery which eliminates the need to power it all the time. It simply needs to be charged using a micro USB cable provided with it. Other features of the device have been listed here.

  • Touch arrow keys to change frequencies.
  • Frequency range is 88.1 to 107.9 MHz.
  • The LCD screen with backlight displays frequency and the current battery charge of the device.

10. Tohayie Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Tohayie Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Tohayie Bluetooth FM Transmitter uses A2DP technology for transfer audio files to the car stereo without losses. The device comes with a 21-key remote control for making calls and selecting music. It uses 3.5mm audio jack to connect with most Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets. The 1.4 inches LED screen displays the song names and numbers of incoming calls. Other features of the transmitter are as follows.

  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
  • Runs on 206 channels between 87.5 and 108.0 MHz.
  • 5V-1.1A charging port for charging USB devices.

Choose the Reliable Bluetooth FM Transmitter – Here’s How!

Listening to music during a long ride makes you spend a boring time with some fun. Music gives the energy to do more stuff and you can feel company even there is no one that’s why almost everyone preferring listening to FM radios. You have to connect the transmitter with your phone and then it will convert the audio into the frequency to be played on your car. Due to this reason, you can find it reliable. During the purchase, you should check out–

  • Features

Most of the Bluetooth FM transmitter comes with plenty of features which can enhance your experience. The key features that you must consider during the purchase –

  • Easy to connect button for higher convenience. If the device takes extra time in pairing, you will avoid the use.
  • Having buttons to change the music and taking calls can help to enhance the usability. Make sure that you get three basic buttons, two for music change and one for calls.
  • With the hand free feature, you can easily receive the call and this feature will cost very low amount as you go from cheap models to expensive ones.

After considering these features, you have other important factors such as design and built quality to consider.

  • Ports and Mini Display

With USB ports, you can connect the smartphone to charge when the transmitter is receiving signals to play music. Having two ports can fulfill the need and you can rely on them without a single issue. You can look after a mini display to provide some basic details like the FM channel, connectivity and few more things. Such features will enhance the experience.

  • Audio Output

A nice and quality audio output is required from an FM transmitter. If you think that your preferred product is not outputting quality audio then try out using someone else’s device and check again. As you find the problem with FM transmitter then replace it with any other product or return it. The audio output should be nice otherwise it can damage your speakers.

  • Price

You don’t have to worry about spending a big amount because these small devices are available for the price point of a couple of dollars. Due to this, you should check out the reputed manufacturer and spend a bit extra for built quality to get a product which will last for years without a single issue. Hope, these factors will help you out.

How to Install and Change Station on Bluetooth FM Transmitter

FM transmitters have been in the use quite a lot these days. They help around to transmit the audio from the portable MP3 player to create a new station. This way you can use the car’s stereo to listed from your MP3 player without having to install any of the wires. It’s no reason why the FM transmitter is so extensively sought after.

And with the recent updates and availability of bluetooth based FM transmitters, there has been an increase in the usage of it. They are a perfect piece of machine to help transmit the music from your MP3 player.

We here look into the process of how you can install and change the station on the bluetooth FM transmitter. Read along.

How You Can Install The Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

First things first you need to install the bluetooth FM transmitter to transmit the music. For that, you have to configure it properly so that there will be no statics and you can get the best of the sounds. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Find the vacant station

The start of it begins by finding the vacant station in your local area. For this, you can access via using your zip code and seeing whether there are any vacant channels around. If there are any vacant channels around then you will see the list of it, otherwise the list will show the best channels in the local area.

  • Tune your radio to the vacant or best channel

Here you will have to tune into the channel that is vacant or into the best channel that is showcased by the list. This way your radio in the car will get tuned to it.

  • Tune your FM transmitter

Now you have to tune your bluetooth FM transmitter to the same frequency as that of the vacant or the best channel that you tuned your radio to.

  • Pair your device to the Bluetooth FM transmitter

Now that you have tuned the bluetooth FM transmitter to the same frequency as that of the radio, then you can proceed to connect your device to it. Enable the bluetooth connection in your smartphone first. Also, make sure that the bluetooth FM transmitter is properly plugged inside the cigarette lighter socket. After that you can then select the bluetooth setting where a new bluetooth device will be showcased. Pair the device and you will hear a voice prompt of successful pairing.

  • Play the music

Now that the pairing is done, you can simply start playing your favorite music from your phone via the car’s radio system by the use of Bluetooth FM transmitter.

How to change the station on the bluetooth FM transmitter?

Here’s how you can change the station on the bluetooth FM transmitter:

  • Press the multifunction key for a long press until you see the LED display lighting
  • Then choose the channel from the car audio
  • Adjust the FM transmitter frequency to the required new channel of the radio FM.
  • Connect your device via bluetooth to the Bluetooth FM transmitter.
  • FM transmitter will automatically play the music.


Quality of audio streaming is the main factor while choosing a suitable Bluetooth FM transmitter. Paying extra for a transmitter with high-quality sound output is acceptable because even powerful car stereo produces distorted sound if the transmitter is not up to the mark. You also need to decide whether you want extra features such as more ports or car battery level checker.

Overall, the Bluetooth FM transmitter must be compatible with your devices, produce crystal clear sound and should be easy to use.

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