Best Computer Speakers for Your Desktop 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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Computer speakers are as important as your hands free of headphone sets and Microphones . Whenever you are to watch a movie with your family or friends you need to have nice computer speakers to enjoy your movie. It does not has to be for the movie and for gatherings only but at times you would get tired to using your headphones which is also not very healthy for your ears.

To have computer speakers is not only a better choice for your hearing experience but they you would surely have more fun watching different media. Whenever you are having a party at your house or just a small gathering with friends computer speakers give you option to play around and enjoy your music.

Even when you are with your partner or just some dinner date home, a nice set of computer speakers are going to make your evening much better. Good quality computer speakers used to come very costly but that has changed very quickly. Now, you can get a decent sound system for your computer at a very affordable price. Computer speakers are also coming with advance features such as wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

We are going to shortlist some of the best computer speakers for your desktop 2020 to have an amazing media experience at your home.

Let us now review all these computer speakers in detail;

1.  AmazonBasics USB Powered Computer Speakers (A100)

AmazonBasics USB Powered Computer Speakers (A100)

Renovate your whole computer with these amazing compact computer speakers. They come at a very affordable prize and are plug-n-play USB powered speakers. On knob is given to control the volume.

These speakers are designed to be smart and lightweight which makes them very easy to handle and to carry. You can fix them up with your desktop computer or use them with your laptops with convenience. These speakers have been tested with different media player softwares for best sound quality results.

These are a low budget speakers and you will not regret buying them. Now you can play music, movies and all your videos games backed by this easy and convenient sound system.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • USB powered
  • One finger volume control
  • Frustration-free packing
  • Low power consuming

2. Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 with Stereo Sound for Multiple Devices, Black

Best Computer Speakers

These speakers are surely going to gain your attention with their amazing design, high quality performance and absolutely killer price tag. You will hardly find better computer speaker at this price range. They seem to be very reliable.

These speakers offer rich stereo sound and deep bass which gives you an amazing experience with all your action and horror movies for your movie nights with your lads or your partner. The sound is distributed very effectively throughout your room that it keeps its clarity for your best sound experience.

The bass controller is also given. One of its interesting feature is that it offers dual connectivity with your devices. So you can plug in your laptop and your smartphone at the same time and switch between them whenever you can.


  • Produces rich, balanced and room-filling sound
  • Dual device connectivity
  • Integrated power and volume controls
  • Fingerprint controller and handy headphone jack

3. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers – for PC (with 3.5mm AUX & PC input)

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

These computer speakers are one of the highest rated speakers available in the market. There is no match for their reliability and performance. Two separate ports for AUX and computer are given.

These speaker offer a high quality audio with perfect and smooth distribution of the sound that gives you an amazing experience and does not hurt your ears.


  • High quality audio performance
  • Clear sound at any volume
  • Dual device connectivity
  • Volume control and headphone jack on the front

4. DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless speaker, 10W Output Power with Enhanced Bass, build in Microphone for handfree phone call (Black)

DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless speaker

Welcome to the world of wireless computer speakers, all you have to do is to connect them with your Bluetooth device and then you are move around with ease while being connected to these high performance speakers.

These speakers are highly portable and offer 8-10 hours of playtime after a single full charge which makes them your best companion while you go out for camping or have barbecue parties.

They are good enough to fill a midsized room with its high quality audio. You can use them literally anywhere.


  • Strong bass without distortion at high volumes
  • Runs on advances 4.0 Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in strong 2000mA battery that lasts up to 10 hours after a single charge
  • Highly portable

5. Dell AX210 USB Stereo Speaker System (W955K)

Best Computer Speakers

Another amazing choice for a low budget speakers. These speakers have been rated very well by the customers and they come under a cheap price tag. So if you are not looking to spend much bucks ad want something reasonably good, these speakers are made for you. It comes with an integrated amplifier which delivers a quality audio.

These speakers are designed to be lightweight and highly portable. You can carry these plug-n-play speakers anywhere you want. They are perfect for students to use them at their hostels or for your kids to enjoy music and movies at home.


  • Beautifully designed dell speakers, perfect to go with your dell computer
  • USB portability
  • Delivers a high quality sound distribution

6. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Computer Speaker with Subwoofer – Best for Music, Movies, Multimedia PC and Gaming Systems (CA-3602 FFP)

Best Computer Speakers

These speakers are designed for people who like to have parties at their home. The sound quality is so good that you won`t stop yourself from shake a leg or two. They come with two sets of satellite speakers and a subwoofer with a desktop control pad to cover all the area in your room for perfect sound system experience.

This sound system seems to be long lasting provided you take good care of them. With good care, we mean do not drop them or shock pull the wires and you are good to go to enjoy yourself with these speakers for a long time.


  • 3 piece stereo panel sound system
  • Tuned subwoofer in wooden cabinet
  • Convenient system control pod
  • High quality audio even at loud volumes

7.      Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Best Computer Speakers

Say hello to these babies which offer crystal clear voice and give you the sound experience you deserve. We assure you, you are going to spend more time listening to music with these speakers. The design of these speakers is flawless, they are not so big or so small. Perfectly designed to fit in wherever you would want to set them.

The convenient control pad lets you sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite media. The audio remains richly detailed, comfortable to ears and smooth when the volume is turned high. It`s time to lit up your house parties and your movie nights with these amazing computer speakers.

A compact woofer accompanies it to add deep bass to the quality sound. These speakers are easy to set and are surely one of the bestselling speakers in the market.



  • Convenient control pod
  • Delivers balanced and well distributed sound
  • Compact subwoofer takes very less space in your room
  • Easy setup

8. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Pearl)

Best Computer Speakers

These computer wireless speakers are so good that even if you don’t want computer speaker, you would wish to have your hands on this little beast. They look incredibly smart and compact and delivers a sound that would surprise you. They are compact in size and big in performance.

The audio comes out to be rich in detail with deep bass that it will directly hit your heart. It is time to bring some music in your boring life and lit it all up. You can carry them literally anywhere. You can keep them in your room, move around your house, and take them camping or even in your university to have fun with your friends at a break time.

You can charge them easily via USB port and connect them with your Bluetooth devices within a second. This surely is a long lasting quality product which will give value to your money.


  • Quality audio with deep bass
  • Wireless and ultra-compact
  • High quality battery that lasts up to 10 hours

9. Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer

Best Computer Speakers

Make your horror movies sound even more real and scary with these high quality speakers. They come in a set of two speakers and a subwoofer to deliver deep bass that will drill through your heart.

These speakers are a perfect sound system for your desktop computers or even laptops that are fixed at one place. These speakers have gained great customer satisfaction and that is why they are rated very high.


  • 360-degree crystal-clear room-filling sound
  • Down-firing subwoofer for rich and deep bass
  • Integrated headphone jack
  • Bold full-range sound

10. ogitech 3.5mm Jack Compact Laptop Speakers, Black (Z130)

ogitech 3.5mm Jack Compact Laptop Speakers, Black (Z130)

Another astonishing choice for your computer speakers that come under a very reasonable price tag. These sleekly designed speakers offer very well balanced sound rich in stereo. You speakers are small in size and you can use them at your office or classroom for different presentation purposes.

You can also plug-in your music players from your smartphone and relax yourself from those tight hands-free or headsets over your ears. They are compatible with your PC and MAC.


  • Rich and strong stereo
  • Compact and low profile design
  • Simple setup


Buyer’s Guide

Computer speakers are a must to have if you are using a desktop computer or a laptop or even just a smartphone. No matter how good of a laptop you have, the speakers are never going to be sufficient enough to entertain all your high volume movie nights and music parties for a long time.  Neither your laptop nor your smartphone speakers are really designed for those high volume purposes.

You might feel more comfortable using a headphone for privacy issues for just because you are used to it but computer speakers would give you a better sound experience especially when you watch movies and listen to music at your home. Usage of too much of headphone and that at high volumes can be hazardous for your ears and that is why computer speakers have an edge.

While buying computer speakers all you need to consider is your usage. If you want speakers for just yourself to use at your house, you can go for mid-range and even low budget speakers but if you thinking of entertaining your gatherings and barbecue parties or have the maximum out of your movie nights with your friends or family then you need to go a little hard on your pocket.

We reviewed the best computer speakers for your desktop to end your search of quality and trusted speakers available in the market.

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