The 7 Best Electric Garage Heater Reviews For 2020

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Are you looking for a perfect medium to heat up your garage in winter? Do you feel uncomfortable while working in the garage and want to have something that can effectively control the temperature of the garage? If yes, then you should start looking for a good quality Garage Heater for yourself. And although it may look as simple as buying a room heater for your home, the process is a lot harder and time-consuming, and if do not provide proper attention to the buying process, then you may end up with buying a completely useless product for your garage.

Unlike the other types of garage heaters, the electric garage heaters are simpler, and easier to maintain. Moreover, they are far more reliable and energy-efficient to the other types of heaters (Gas garage heaters, and propane garage heaters).

In all, the Electric gas garage heaters are by far the most cost-effective, easy to use, and reliable ways to work in the garage with ease in winters.

Benefits of using electric garage heaters

The main purpose of installing the garage heaters is simple as they can easily heat up the place within a few minutes which won’t be possible if you are using the domestic heaters. However, the number of benefits doesn’t end here. There are numerous benefits of using the garage heaters. Some of the most reasonable points that why you should consider investing in the garage heaters are listed as follows

Size – The first benefit of using the garage heaters is that they are extremely compact in size, and apart from providing a great airflow and having the ability to heat up a larger area, they are designed comparatively compact than the other types of heaters. So, whether you have a small garage or a mid-sized garage, you can easily find a perfect garage heater for yourself.

Makes the garage a comfortable place to work at – Most of the garage heater comes with an adjustable thermostat that makes it a great device to let the user work in the garage in a comfortable and convenient environment. So, investing a good garage heater can make the garage a pleasant place to be at, even in the chilly winters.

Extremely durable and low maintenance – The Garage heaters are meant for the rugged usage. Moreover, most of the heaters are made up of the highly efficient and durable material that enhances the longevity of the devices. So, if you were after a safe, durable heater for your garage, then you should opt for a great product in your budget and garage size

Safer than the domestic heaters – Another great thing about the garage heaters is that they are extremely safe and easy to use in places like a garage. Also, they can be placed on the wall using the wall-mount or can be directly attached to the ceiling which makes it a far from reach and thus make it safer for the kids and persons working in the garage.

A wide range of products – Last, but the least, the garage heaters are available in a wide range in terms of size, price, and usability. You can easily choose the perfect one for your garage. If you have a tight budget and do not want to spend a lot of money to the heater then you can also choose the brilliant entry-level garage heaters that are perfect for small garages and those buyers who are planning to buy the garage heaters for the first time.

Best Electric Garage Heater in 2020

1. 1500W Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat


If you were looking for a reliable garage heater that not only provides you with the efficient heating but also covers a wide area of your garage, then this ceramic heater from OPOLAR would be a brilliant choice to go with. You can also use the heater at only fan mode if the temperature in your garage is bearable. Apart from these, there are plenty of more reasons why you should opt for this amazingly designed garage heater for yourself instead of any other option available in the market.

Some of the best features of the heater are listed as follows

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Three heating modes(High, low, and fan only)
  • Silent operation
  • Automatic shutdown feature

2. DMCSHOP Electric Garage Heater

DMCSHOP Electric Garage Heater

For the buyers who are looking to buy a different looking garage heater for themselves and are willing to buy the safest garage heater for their homes, the DMCSHOP Electric heater would be a great buy. With brilliant heating, and thermostat PTC is a great buy for the users who concern safety more than anything else. There are numerous other great things about the DMCSHOP electric garage heater that make it a great buy. Some of the best features of the heater are listed as follows

  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Portable dimensions
  • 1500 watt motor has enough power heat up a large garage in a few minutes
  • Energy-efficient operation

3. 1500W Portable Ceramic Space Heater from Multifun

1500W Portable Ceramic Space Heater

This multifun 1500w ceramic heater is a great buy for those buyers who are looking forward to buying a portable yet powerful heater for their garage. This brilliantly made electric heater is a perfectly designed heater with keeping all the safety measures in mind. This makes it a perfect garage heater as it while working on a garage you can’t afford to rely on the normal heaters with fewer safety measures. The heater has ceramic material that supports rapid heating. The unique angled legs help the heater to get a perfect angle. With an adjustable thermostat, you can easily vary the temperature between 41-95 degree Fahrenheit.

Here are the best features of the heater from Multifun

  • Portable design
  • Easy to use and carry along
  • Rapid heating
  • Automatically shuts down if the temperature goes above 176 degrees Fahrenheit

4. Cadet RCP502S 5,000-Watt Portable Garage Heater

Cadet RCP502S 5,000-Watt Portable Garage Heater

If you are looking forward to buying a portable heater for your mid-sized garage, you would find Cadet RCP502S a great buy. Apart from a unique look, the heater has a massive power of 5000w that makes it a great heater for garages and other similar places. Additionally, the highly durable 6ft power cable makes it easier to use across the garage without any issues. Made up of a highly durable 20-gauge steel, and powder coated paint, this is one of the most durable and long-lasting product you can buy from the market.

Some of the unique features are listed as follows

  • Can be used as a wall mount, or freestanding heater.
  • Built-in fan mode
  • Build for rugged usage
  • Extremely silent operation

5. King Electric EKB2450TB

King Electric EKB2450TB

King Electric EKB2450TB is another greatly designed compact and efficient garage heater that can be used easily and has the simplest functions to keep the things simple. The portable body and easy to use features make it a great by for the buyers who are looking to buy an ideal electric heater for their garage. Also, the adjustable temperature can vary for 40 to 80 degree Fahrenheit. The powerful motor is capable enough to heat up the area of 500 sqft without any issues.

Here are the most useful features of the King Electric EKB2450TB

  • Strict safety measures have been followed to manufacture it
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • Durable, easy to use and install

6. Optimus H-9010 Garage/Shop Ceiling or Wall Mount Utility Heater

Optimus H-9010 Garage

Optimus H-9010 is for those buyers who are willing to buy a traditional kind-of heater for their garage for an extra rugged look and feel. And the heater can be either mounted to a ceiling, or to the wall according to the preferences and convenience. So, if you were after a great looking and efficient heater for your garage and want something different than the boxy cabined heaters, then try your hands on the Optimus -9010.

Some of the best features of Optimus H-9010 are listed as follows

  • Efficient Quartz heating element
  • Instant heat
  • Heat and light (Halogen) are independently powered for efficiency
  • Unique pull cord for added benefits

7. Dr. Heater DR966 Commercial Heater

Dr. Heater DR966Commercial Heater

Dr. Heater DR966 240- volt heater is a perfect way to heat up the space of roughly 500sqft size. And is an ideal buy for those buyers who are willing to buy a reliable and efficient garage heater for themselves. Along with a tough loo, the things that make the DR966 different from most other heaters in the market are listed as follows

  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Extremely safe to use in the garage and other similar places
  • Eight-inch high-speed fan
  • Two heat settings

Buyer’s Guide For Best Garage Electric Heater With FAQ

Garage heater will become the necessity to luxury when you need to work in the garage in chilly weather. There are many types of garage heaters that work on manual operation and automatic operation that work on electricity or natural gas.

How to choose a garage heater?

In fact, there are two types of garage heaters available in the market, namely natural gas heaters and electric heaters. The natural gas heaters provide faster heat and work for larger garage areas faster and efficient but are expensive. Electric heaters can be bought based on wattage and size of the room.

The size of the garage heater depends on the area of the room. If the size of the heater increases, the process to install the heater becomes more complicated. Hence, electric heaters will be the first choice for the owners of smaller garages.

For example, if you have a room of 24X20 feet area, you need 480X10 watts =4800 watts electric garage heater.

The energy provided by gas heaters is measured in BTU s or British Thermal Units. Generally, one watt can provide the energy equal to 3.41BTUs.

Another method to choose the size of your garage heater is to select the efficiency and insulation you need for your garage heater. It depends on the temperature of your garage and the insulation the room provides for the product or the place. The insulation is measured in RRs.

What are the benefits of electric garage heaters?

  • There is no scope for fumes or harmful gases during your work if you use an electric heater.
  • You will not find any pollution or open flames.
  • It is faster and efficient and works well for smaller spaces by providing instant heat.
  • You will never need much space to mount these heaters since these are compact and comfortable to install when compared to common propane gas heaters.
  • These are 100% efficient and reliable and provide infrared radiation with the lesser intensity which is a safer feature when compared to normal natural gas heaters.

Based on functioning, classifying electric heaters

  • Forced air electric heaters
  • Infrared electric heaters

Forced air electric heaters come with a blower and work similarly to domestic heaters. These heaters take much time to heat the space but are cheap to buy. Some complain that this kind of heaters is lesser efficient and lesser safe when compared to infrared electric heaters. The floor area will be cooler always since the air becomes hot with the mechanism involved in the blower. Hence, the person might feel the heat but it will not serve the purpose of heating the entire surface faster and complete. But these are cheaper and useful for compact surfaces. To speak simply, forced air heaters will have a complex mechanism and the heat will be distributed to the ceiling first and the surroundings will be warmed a little bit late. Hence, many garage owners go for infrared electric heaters.

Forced air heaters will go well if you need to work on garages related to metal or clay cutting. If you work in a garage for woodwork, due to blowers, sawdust will spread all around the place and it will cause a lot of suffocation and discomfort. When you need to work on smaller particles and smaller places, Forced air electric heaters are a big No.

These heaters go well if these are installed in the backside of the garage but you need to think twice before you install since it depends on the nature of your work and area of the space.

Coming to the Infrared heaters, these are easy ones to work around and the heating will be more efficient. The air around this kind of heaters will not be hot since the radiation will be direct around the particles of the object but not the air around. Even if you open the doors or windows in your garage when these heaters are functioning, you will not face any suffocation and the efficiency of heat will not be reduced.  The radiation of infrared heaters will be in a straight line and hence you need not worry about the discomfort caused due to natural gas or forced air electric heaters. This kind of heaters will not emit any noise or pollution and are easy to install. It saves on your power bill since it heats the particular place you need but not blow up other things with the prescribed efficiency. The only thing you need to care for is that you need to keep a safe distance from these heaters and you cannot mount this heater wherever you want. These are expensive when compared to other kinds of garage heaters.


Q What are the safety certifications for these heaters?

These heaters will come with safety certification from Canada Utility standards and American Safety Standards like ULC.


So, these were the top seven electric garage heaters that you can currently buy for your garage. So, it is up to you now which product would you choose for your garage and how much money you are willing to invest in it. Garage heaters are an essential tool to buy, especially if you are living in an area that experience insane winters.

So, choose one that is perfect for your home is in your budget.

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