Top 10 Best Fire Escape Ladder Reviews For 2020

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As we all know, today a household uses devices, substances, and products that could cause fire accidents under certain circumstances. This does not mean that a household is too risky these days, but it means the chances of a fire accident can’t be ruled out completely. This is one of the main reasons for the use of fire alarms and a fire extinguisher has increased tremendously over the past few years.

A fire fighting system installed in your home or office is designed to prevent fire or to alert the user. However, the extent to which a fire extinguisher could help the user control the fire is still limited today. This alone is one of the main reasons why it is best recommended that a household or an office should have a fire escape ladder in their vicinity. The major role of a fire escape ladder is to help an individual to escape from the building to avoid getting hurt from a fire accident.

As the use of a fire escape ladder has become very important, it has undergone several changes including the design, the ease of using them and storing them. Today, there are 3 types of fire escape ladders on the market, permanent escape ladder that is permanently attached to the walls, foldable fire escape ladder that is made by stacking rectangular plates on a rope in such a way that the user could escape through it easily, and mobile escape ladder which is mounted on truck or an automobile.

Benefits of a good fire escape ladder

  • A good fire escape ladder serves the purpose of helping an individual escape any fire accidents with ease.
  • One of the major reasons for increased causalities during a fire accident is that the individual who is trapped in the fire accident does not have a proper way to escape the building, a fire escape ladder rules out this issue.
  • A good fire escape ladder is strong and well designed that allows the individual to escape through them

Now with all these being told, you might now consider purchasing a fire escape ladder from the market, but let me tell you. It will not be that easy to select and purchase the best one from the market. Here is the list of 10 best fire escape ladders that you should consider purchasing.

Best Buy Fire Escape Ladder Reviews 2020

1. Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs, 13-Foot

Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

Kidde has been one of the top brands that have been marketing high efficient fire escape ladder, the products that come from this brand boasts quality and unique design. The Kidde 468093 is a foldable fire escape ladder that could be stored anywhere with ease.

  • The overall length of the ladder – 25 feet
  • The rails of this ladder are made of nylon and the rugs are made of a strong steel
  • Designed to support maximum weight up to 1000 lbs
  • The overall weight of the ladder is just 12 pounds
  • Designed to be easily mounted on the window base or a slab
  • Comes with anti-slip rugs
  • The entire product comes assembled and stays that way
  • The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on this product
  • Designed to be tangle-free
  • Flame resistant material
  • The metal rugs are zinc plated for durability

2. Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Unlike most of the fire escape ladder out there, the Xtend & Climb 785P is completely different. This fire escape ladder is a telescopic type and could be used for multiple purposes. If you are a person who feels that spending a few bucks for purchasing a fire escape ladder is not good, then we recommend this multipurpose ladder will not disappoint you.

  • Comes in a compact size
  • If extended can reach up to 15.5 feet high
  • The entire product comes made of aluminium
  • Comes with an excellent no-pinch closure system
  • The product comes with an option that allows the user to lock the ladder at the required length
  • The overall weight of the product is just 56 pounds
  • the rugs are designed to be anti slip
  • comes with handles incorporated that allow the user to carry the ladder with ease
  • easy to clean as it comes with anodized finishing
  • half an year warranty on the parts

3. First Alert EL52-2 Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip

First Alert EL52-2 Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

The compact size of First Alert EL52 fire escape ladder makes it one of the best ladders available on the market today, this fire escape ladder comes at a reasonable price and it makes the product best recommended to be at every room if you have a safety concern.

  • Comes with an overall length of 14 feet
  • The entire product is imported
  • Designed to be used with ease
  • The manufacturer claims that this product could supper a maximum weight of 1125 lbs
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • DuPont Cordura nylon strapping for extra strength
  • The entire product is durable
  • The manufacturer offers a 6-year warranty on the product
  • Designed to meet the ASTM standards

4. X-IT 2 Story (13′) Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

X-IT 2 Story (13') Emergency Fire Escape

The X-IT is one of the best lightweight and easy to use fire escape ladders available on the market today. This fire escape ladder unlike most of the products out there comes in 6 different variants based on the overall length of the ladder.

  • Comes in 13 inches, 23 inches, 33 inches, bag 4 story 33 inch, 43 inch, and 53-inch variants
  • Smallest fire escape ladder on the market
  • Designed in a way to meet the ASTM F2175 standard
  • Designed to fit all windows and wall sizes
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Has a reputation for being the strongest and durable fire escape ladder
  • Tested and certified to support a maximum weight of 1000 pounds
  • The overall weight of the product is just 6 pounds

5. Werner ESC220 Fire Escape Ladder, Two Story

Werner ESC220

If you are a person looking for a fire escape ladder that is compact and when stored looks stylish then, the Werner ESC220 is the best option for you as it comes in a compact size and with a stylish storage box that could keep the ladder confined to the walls.

  • Comes in a two-story and three-story length variants
  • Designed to support a maximum weight of 400 pounds per rug
  • The manufacturer claims that the ladder could be used by multiple individuals simultaneously
  • Has flat anti-slip rugs
  • Comes with assistance straps for enhanced safety
  • Comes in an attractive color combination design
  • Designed to blend into any building décor

6. ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder, 2 Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder, 15-Foot, FL15

ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder

The ResQLadder is a brand that has been on the market for the past 50 years and has been manufacturing and marketing ladders at the same time. Each product from this brand comes thoroughly inspected for quality and safety.

  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Could support a weight up to 1000 pounds
  • Designed to fit windows
  • Steel hooks to fit the windows
  • Steel chains and steel rungs
  • The standoffs could be adjusted according to the user’s preference
  • This fire escape ladder has box handles for enhanced stability
  • The manufacturer provides extra standoffs that will allow the user to customize the ladder for enhanced stability and safety
  • Fits a wall up to 10 inches thick

7. Easy Escape 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder by American Ladder Co | 13ft Portable Escape Ladder

Easy Escape 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

The Easy Escape fire escape ladder is easy to use and is lightweight at the same time. The product is best recommended for anyone who requires a lightweight, as well as, compact, and easy to store and use a fire escape ladder

  • Has an overall length of 13 feet
  • Comes with an excellent quality storage bag
  • The manufacturer offers full customer warranty on this product
  • Could be mounted on a wall of maximum thickness up to 7 inches
  • The overall weight of this fire escape ladder is around 10 pounds
  • Comes fully assembled and stored in the bag
  • Durable rugs and durable cloth rails

8. 25′ 3 Story Escape Ladder

Escape Ladder

This fire escape ladder comes from the top brand Kidde with durable rugs and rails that makes it one of the best selling and versatile fire escape ladders that you could get today.

  • Comes with an overall length of 25 feet
  • Designed in a way that it is easy to install and use
  • Incorporated with anti-slip rugs
  • Universal hooks for better compatibility
  • Designed for single-use
  • The rugs are made of high-quality steel which is durable
  • Designed to support a maximum weight of 1200 pounds
  • The overall weight of the fire escape ladder is just 10 pounds

9. Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder, 13 Feet

Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

The Hausse fire escape ladder is one of the easy to use fire escape ladders available on the market today. This model ladder is retractable and could be stored with ease.

  • If extended the ladder will have a maximum length of 13 feet
  • Slip-resistant rugs
  • Comes with an attractive canvas bag for storing the product
  • Tested and certified to withstand a maximum weight up to 1000 pounds
  • For assembling the user does not require any tools
  • This fire escape ladder could be mounted easily on the window wall with ease

10. Emergency Escape Ladder by Family First | 2-Story Fire Escape Ladder is 13ft

Emergency Escape Ladder

This fire escape ladder is one of the top fire escape ladders designed by a team of expert fire technicians, who made this product easy to use, durable, compact, and lightweight at the same time.

  • This fire escape ladder comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Designed to support up to 1000 pounds weight
  • The overall length of this ladder is 13 feet
  • Designed and manufactured to meet all market standards
  • Comes with a compact and durable storage bag
  • The overall weight of this fire escape ladder is just 10 pounds

How To Choose A Fire Escape Ladder Buying Guide

These are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a fire escape ladder for your home or some other building.

Size of the ladder

Fire escape ladders come in lengths of 13 feet, 15 feet and even 25 feet. The length of the fire escape ladder should be in accordance with the number of storeys for which it is required. Selecting 1-2 feet longer fire escape ladder than required is considered useful to provide extra security to elderly people and children against injuries while climbing down the ladder.

The strength of the ladder

The strength of a fire escape ladder determines its weight holding capacity. Good quality fire escape ladders easily support 1000 pounds of weight. Heavy duty fire escape ladder models can help more than 1000 pounds of weight. The individual rung of a fire escape ladder can support 375 to 750 pounds of weight. Choosing a fire escape ladder with a high weight capacity is essential if there are many people in the building at any given point of time. Even if one inhabitant is on the heavier side, a high strength fire escape ladder is immensely important.

Size of the window

Measuring the window’s width is also important before selecting a fire escape ladder so that it fits well on the window. Nowadays, many adjustable models of fire escape ladders are also available which can fit any window size. Thus, either you can opt for a flexible model or measure the width of the window and then buy the ladder according to the measurement.

Anti-slip rungs

It is essential to select fire escape ladders having rectangular or textured anti-slip rungs. Fire escape ladders with round and slippery rungs must be avoided. This is because, in the event of a fire, you need to climb quickly down the ladder and anti-slip rungs ensure that you don’t lose your footing. This is particularly true for children and elderly people.

Standoff safety feature

The fire escape ladder must have standoffs or stabilisers. Standoffs are protrusions from the ladder which keep it away from the wall and create a space between the ladder and the building. Thus, standoffs protect the ladder from the hot wall during a fire accident, keeps the ladder steady and provides more room to the climbers. Standoffs also prevent damage to the wall or glass windows when you practice climbing.

Heat resistant material

Fire escape ladders made of nylon should be avoided because nylon is susceptible to melting at high temperatures. It is better to opt for a fire escape ladder made of steel or aluminium. Aluminium fire escape ladders are light in weight which makes them easy to carry even by children. However, steel fire escape ladders are more resistant to high temperature and flames. Altogether, it is important to determine the heat resistance capabilities of the ladder material during selection.

Ease of use

The variety of models of fire escape ladders have varying levels of complexity. It is better to look for models which are not very complex and can be deployed quickly in the event of a fire. You need to read the steps required to set up the fire escape ladder to evaluate its complexity. Models with the highly complex set up procedure, complex hooks and the tendency to tangle must be avoided because during fire accident you need to move quickly and do not have the time to battle complexities. Instruction sheet provided with the ladder must be read carefully, and adequate experience of deploying the ladder must also be gained so that there is no problem in an emergency. The weight of the ladder is also an essential factor. The standard weight of fire ladders varies between 6 and 21 pounds. If you have children or elderly in the house, a lighter model is suitable.


It is important to opt for fire escape ladders carrying certifications by independent certifying authorities. This is because such certifications are awarded only after the ladders meet certain standards such as heat resistance, weight capacity, deployment speed, the thickness of the rungs, etc. In the USA, fire escape ladders carrying ASTM F2175 certification are considered the best. ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials.

Type of model

There are both reusable as well as one-time models of fire escape ladders available in the market. One-time models can’t be used again and again and must be disposed of after a single-use. They cost much less as compared to reusable models. However, you need to practice using the ladder so that you are ready in case of a fire accident. Thus, it is better to go for reusable models.


Price of fire escape ladders varies from model to model. High-quality fire escape ladder models with a host of safety features cost more as compared to low-quality models. It is not advisable to buy cheap models which are devoid of several important features.

How to Install and Use a Fire Escape Ladder

The following steps of the procedure should be followed when planning to install a fire escape ladder:

  • Make sure that you first take the fire escape ladder template and then fix it to the wall. The ladder should be fixated in such a way that it is centred at a lower level (almost six inches below the window stool) to one window of your home.
  • To ensure that a certain level is maintained with the windows, make sure that the template is smoothly fixed. You can use a measuring tape or a scale to do this.
  • Then you need to cut around the template along its dotted lines.
  • The template should be removed and the cutting of the drywall should be finished along the lines that are already drawn around.
  • The part of the drywall that is severed should be removed and any insulation that is present should also be removed from the hollow rectangular shaped hole that you have just cut through.
  • In case there’s any stud inside the opening, make sure to also cut it with the help of a reciprocating saw.
  • The first cut should be made about three inches below the bottom part of the opening, through the stud. The stud should be then cut with the top part of the opening and will stay flush with it.
  • In case there are some parts that protrude out from the opening, make sure that you do the necessary extra work to chop out the extra with a chisel and a hammer.
  • Then you should be installing 2″ x 4″ fit inside that wall which you have cut, which will provide the supportive interface for the ladder. You need three-inch screws to fix them in their place.
  • You need to add any type of insulation inside the opening, like foil-based insulation, which will act as the insulating thermal break.
  • The ladder should be removed from the box and the box should be then fixated into the opening with its respective screws. Then the ladder should be then dropped on the other (outside part of the windows. In order to ensure that the procedure is working, have someone climb up on the ladder on the outside.
  • When the person will be climbing on the ladder, make sure that the ladder stays in its place securely.
  • If you don’t need the ladder right now, make sure to fold it and then put it inside the metal box, to be used at a later date.

Using the Fire Ladder

Using the fire ladder is easy. First, you need to make sure that the ladder is always stored near to the respective window and the window is designated well enough to let you and others know, during times of emergency.

  • When in an emergency, you need to unlock the windows, remove the ladder from its metal box and unfold it.
  • The unfolded ladder should be placed on the outside part of the windows. The ladder should be then used to escape from any fire hazard.

Every member of your family should practice the fire drill so that they can get acquainted with the whole procedure. In that way, your family members will be better prepared and their reactions will be more automatic and quicker overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where should I keep the fire escape ladder?

The fire escape ladder should be kept in a room in the first storey in case of a single storey building or above the first storey in case of a multi-storeyed building. Keep it in the bedroom because reaction time is slow when you are sleeping.

Q  What about the warranty?

Most of the good brands of fire escape ladders provide 5 to 10 years of warranty. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty. Cheaper models come with short warranty periods.


A fire escape ladder could prove to be a life-saving product once you encounter a fire accident at your house or office. The products listed above come from top brands that guarantee the quality of their products. Feel free to select any one of the product and you will not regret it.

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