Top 6 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews For 2020

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In today’s lifestyle, most of us are struggling to manage our life and work efficiently, and that is the reason we look for devices which can save our time on a daily basis. One of such motorized equipment is the garage door opener which opens and closes the door automatically. It is usually installed on garage walls and managed by switches if required.

Some devices have a remote attached with it, or some can also be operated with your smart phones. Garage door opener helps the car owner to open and close the garage door easily from a short distance only.

Benefits of using Garage door opener

  • The garage door opener is easy to install and helps in monitoring the garage when you are far away from your house too.
  • These doors are balanced with the help of counterbalance springs to make it easy for a person to open or close it.
  • There are various types of garage door openers like Chain drive openers, Belt drive openers, Screw Drive openers, Direct drive openers, Remote garage door opener. Remote types are the most famous ones among these.

If you are a first time buyer of the garage door opener then must be looking for the best options available in the market.

So here is the list of the best six garage door openers available in the market with different features and pricing.

List of Best Garage Door Opener In 2020

1. Chamberlain B550 Smartphone

Chamberlain B550 Smartphone

Chamberlain garage door opener is one of the popular available across the globe for the buyers. It is a smartphone-controlled door opener which does not produce any noise. It is built with myq technology, which enhances its connectivity and protection feature. It has a strong belt which helps in its functioning. You can even check the status of your garage with the smartphone and myq feature in it.

  • It is constructed of durable material due to which is quiet and reliable for a number of years.
  • The door opener is powered by MED Lift Power System, which gives it highest lifting performance capacity.
  • It can also be operated with the help of a remote which has 2-3 simple buttons to use.
  • It has Triband technology with the help of which you can operate the garage up to 1500 feet easily to enter the garage.
  • It also comes with an exterior keypad which provides access to the garage with easy to remember four-digit security code.
  • It has an anti-theft protection feature which makes it reliable for the buyers.

2. Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener


This garage door opener offered by Craftsman is operated with the help of a keypad and a security code. It is easy to install and operate by an ordinary man. The user interface monitors help in adjusting the force which is required to open and close the door of the garage.

  • Energy efficient uses only 1 watt of power during sleep mode.
  • It provides a high-security feature such as reverse parking sensors which mean that the doors are automatically reversed at the time of any interruption.
  • It weighs 36.2 pounds with dimensions 26.5 x 14.1 x 8.5 inches.

3. Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener

Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener

You can operate your garage easily from anywhere with the help of the Smart Wifi garage door opener. It can also be operated with voice commands to your assistant devices like Google and Alexa while driving near to your garage. If you have an existing garage door opener and looking to buy a new one due to its advanced feature, then smart WiFi styled door opener is easy to install with existing one also without the help of a professional.

  • It weighs 11.2 ounces and is 5.6 x 4.5 x 3.3 inches in dimensions.
  • It has a wireless door status sensor with the opener.
  • It requires 2.4 GHz WiFi Connection and is compatible with most of the door openers available in the market.
  • It has a multi-user access feature which means multiple users are authorized to open and close the garage.

4. Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener

Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener

Mighty Mule garage door opener has a super quiet belt drive. It has a pre-installed LED bulb which need not be changed after some time. It is easy to install with the help of instructional videos which comes along with the device.

  • It weighs 34 pounds and 11.5 x 29 x 15 inches in dimensions.
  • It is made up of plastic and galvanized steel material.
  • It uses 120 volts of power to operate.
  • It comes with a lifetime motor and LED warranty and five-year parts warranty
  • It can be installed easily on the garage ceiling.

5. Genie ChainMax Garage Door Opener

Genie ChainMax Garage Door Opener

The Genie brand offers a reliable garage door opener which works on a reliable chain drive system to function. Sleek design gives it a premium look, and a c-channel rail protects against dirt and debris.

  • It has a 140 volt DC motor which is easy to install and operate.
  • It provides smoother door travel with door opening speed up to 7.5 inches/second.
  • It has a Safe T beam system which prevents your family members from any accidents. It has an invisible infrared beam across the door which prevents accidents if anything crosses the door while parking the car.
  • The device comes with a pre-programmed 3-button remote, wall console to control the door opener and keyless keypad.

6. NEXX Garage Door Opener

NEXX Garage Door Opener

The device is offered by Nexx Garage which is renowned in providing door openers and is popular among the buyers across the globe. This device operates the garage doors with the help of an existing WiFi network.

  • It can be controlled and monitored from anywhere easily
  • It has a feature where you can activate the garage opener by tapping with the help of the Mexx Mobile app.
  • It helps in providing multiple access to the garage.
  • It requires a 2.4 GHz WIFI CONNECTION.
  • Easy to install and is compatible with most of the garage door opener
  • It has a real-time activity log feature which helps in providing a class security feature for the users.

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide – What To Look For It?

Garage door openers are mandatory in foreign countries, and hence the use of Garage door openers comes into the picture helping the users to open and close the door.

The best garage door opener depends upon the following factors:


Garage Door openers are usually motorized device controlled by remote for short distances or switches to open and close the heavy door. The garage door is usually heavy and manually opening the door is practically not possible; hence remote control is used. Much advancement in the technologies used in the opening of the garage door has been implemented. The use of remote sensor involves a transmitter and a receiver to sense the signal and helps in opening and closing of the door.


The types of drive used to open the garage door are chain drive operated using a chain attached to the motor, belt drive operated by a rubber belt attached to the motor, screw drive operated by the help of a screw, direct drive which uses motor to operate the trolley with the help of gear wheel and jackshaft. The manual opening of the door is not feasible as the door weighs heavily. Hence automatic garage door openers are used nowadays. In case of an emergency like heavy rain and storm, automatic garage door openers come in handy. Installation is easier and safe to operate and do not make any noise while opening and closing. With the help of a smartphone app, the operation of the doors can be controlled.


With the improvisation in technology and the need to safeguard the materials in the garage, many security options are available to operate with ease. Automatic lights are installed as a feature while opening the door and come handy during night time and bad climate and goes off when closing the door. Other security features are wireless keypads, keychain remotes, solenoid operated deadbolts adds a feather to the garage door openers. Some are equipped with carbon monoxide sensors which senses exhaust fumes and opens the door for the escape of fumes. Fingerprint option is available as the latest feature where security Pin is outdated and can be easily tampered. The use of fingerprint option helps children to access the garage doors when parents are away. Another feature includes the electric eye which senses object on its way while closing or opening the door and stops from doing the same. All prefer opening and closing without any sound and in a quiet way. Another additional feature is the operation of the garage door opener with the help of the internet in case of operating from office.


Garage doors are usually heavy, and to operate them, the garage door opener should be powered heavily for opening and closing. Three sized motors are available in the market namely one third, one-half and three-quarter horsepower. Based on the size of the door, the material used in the construction of the door and number of doors to operate, the horsepower is decided. It is always better to choose more horsepower for easy operation. AC and DC options are to be chosen while buying door openers. DC power is preferred over AC due to its quiet operation. Battery backup is available with the DC power and can be used to operate in times of power failure.


Price is the main factor which plays a vital role in choosing the best garage door openers. With all the latest features installed and the price is reasonable, it is always been preferred by the users. Cost effective and easy maintenance go hand in hand with the success of the product.


Installation is another factor which cannot be overlooked and hence garage door openers should be easily installed without any complication and should be easily maintained.


Speed also plays a key role in selecting a garage door opener. The slow-moving door opener is not preferred when compared to fast-moving ones since people do not wish to wait for a long time until the door is completely opened or closed. However, the quality of the doors is not related to speed.


Size of the garage door openers also finds a key place while choosing the doors. With the sleekest design and minimum size without compromise on the quality of the product is the best in the market among other door openers.


Q Why should one choose to install Garage door openers?

Garage door openers are the best when it comes to the convenient opening and closing of the door with the use of latest technology embedded in them for easy and quiet operation.

Q What is the control mechanism of Garage door openers

With the help of a smartphone app, the Garage door openers can be controlled from anywhere.


So these are the best six garage door opener available in the market. The garage door openers provide security and safety along with easy to use, so select one according to your requirement and budget.

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