Top 10 Best Moving Straps of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you shifting your home to a new place, or want to reorganize your home from the scratch? If yes, then the first thing that you are going to deal with isto move the heavy furniture of your home. It is not always easy to move the heavy furniture like bed, dresser and other hard to move things from one place to another. And in case  you are planning to do that without any expert helper, then the things may get even worse for you.

However, moving heavy things is not as difficult as it seems to many of us. Yes!!  You heard it right. With the right set of accessories, you can easily move the heavy things to a new place without much effort. And when it comes to the best way to move and lift the heavy things then there is nothing better than the moving straps. The moving straps are specially designed straps that help the users to lift the heavy items with ease. The straps work on coordination and by using them correctly you can easily lift the heaviest items and furniture of your home without any additional expert help.

Benefits of using the moving straps for moving heavy furniture

As said, the main purpose of the moving straps is to move the heavy items from one place to another. Due to the great benefits of the moving straps, these are now being used by the professional movers. Some of the best benefits of using the moving straps are listed as follows. Go through them to know whether you should buy them for you, or not.

  • Makes it possible for the users to move the heavy items from one place to another without hiring an expert
  • These are available in different types. You can buy straps for two or three persons according to your needs
  • Extremely easy to use
  • The most reliable and easy way to move furniture around

Apart from these, there are numerous other benefits that you can explore easily by purchasing one for yourself.

In case you were looking for the recommendations for the best moving straps in the market, then the following list of products will help you buy the best one for your needs.

Best Buy Moving Straps Reviews 2020

1. Kiraly Products, LLC Moving Straps

best moving straps

If you are looking for a decent moving strap that is easy to use, has reliable support and can hold a good amount of weight, then the Kirlay Moving strap would be a perfect choice for you. Apart from being specially designed for large appliances and furniture, this moving strap is a perfect way to lift the furniture of 440 pounds easily. Here are the useful features of the moving strap

  • Padded straps for added comfort and support while lifting heavy items
  • Can hold items up to 440 pounds
  • Metal buckle for reliable lift and efficient load-bearing capacity

2. Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

If you were after a reliable and efficiently designed moving strap for yourself that is designed by keeping the users’ comfort in mind then the Shoulder Dolly moving strap are the best product for you. These specially designed moving straps are designed in such a way that you can keep your hands free or holding the item. This way you can get more control over the moving process without any body pain or strain. Here are the useful features of the moving strap that we came across during the review

  • Great lifting technique
  • Adjustable straps so that you can easily lift the smaller as the larger furniture with ease
  • Keeps your arms free so that you can easily make things easier to handle

3. Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps

Forearm Forklift Lifting

If you have extra-large furniture and want to move them from a place to another, then you will either need something extra. Specifically, you will need a moving strap that can easily bear the load of that furniture. And the Forearm Forklifting and moving straps are the best way to move the heavy furniture with ease. Here are the useful features of the moving strap that make it a great buy for buyers looking to lift heavy furniture.

  • Weight bearing capacity up to 800 pounds
  • Ergonomic design to make the items feel much lighter
  • Adjustable straps up to 48 inches

4. Thenewallhere Adjustable Moving Straps

Thenewallhere Adjustable Moving Straps

For those buyers who are looking for a professional lifting and moving of furniture that lets them move the items without damaging them, the Thenewallhere Moving straps will be a perfect buy. Apart from a great weight bearing capacity and easy movability, these straps provide a completely safe and risk-free lift to the heavy items and appliances. Also, the adjustable straps make it possible to use it for both small and big appliances.

Here are the useful features of the Thenewallhere moving straps

  • Absolutely nobody pain
  • Easy to use straps
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Metallic threads to provide more durability

5. JCHL Moving Straps

JCHL Moving Straps

For the buyers who are looking to buy durable and easy to handle straps that not only have better grip but also have the brilliant weight bearing capacity, then the JCHL moving straps will be a great buy. Made with high-quality nylon, these are one of the most durable moving straps available in the market right now. Adjustable strap buckles make it easier to use with different size of appliances and furniture. Here are the useful features that make it a great buy for lifting the items efficiently without fail.

  • 660 pounds of weight bearing capacity
  • 9-inch strap width make it easier to balance the item being lifted
  • Durable nylon that makes it a long lasting product

6. Umien Moving Straps

Umien Moving Straps

If you were looking for a complete listing package made up of high-quality material, then the Umien Moving straps would be a brilliant buy for you. Apart from the great weight capacity and high-quality straps, this package includes two sets of gloves and a storage bag to that makes the things a lot easier and manageable in comparison with the other moving straps in the market.

In all, this is a perfect package you can currently buy for yourself. Here are the most useful features of the Umien Moving Straps

  • High-end build quality
  • Easy to use adjustable straps
  • 800lbs weight capacity

7. TEZCRT Lifting Moving Straps

TEZCRT Lifting Moving Straps

TEZCRT lifting strap is another brilliant way to lift the heavy furniture efficiently. Apart from the heavy-duty straps, it also has a better quality cushion that makes the lifting a way more comfortable than the other moving straps available in the market. The adjustable straps make it possible for moving the heavy items of different sizes without stressing your body muscles. The straps help the users to move and lift the heavy items without jerking the body muscles or shoulder. Here are useful features of the Tezcrt moving straps.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Easy to use reliable straps
  • 650lbs weight bearing capacity

8. GOOACC moving straps

GOOACC moving straps

For those buyers who are looking for a moving package, the GOOACC moving straps would be a brilliant buy. The package comes with a storage bag and a  set of gloves that will help your hands to be safe from cuts and wounds while lifting the heavy items. Instead of having the small cushioning pads, it has a reliable and better foam pad that helps the users to lift the items more comfortably. 13ft length of the strap makes it easier to lift the heavy items comfortably.

Here are the useful features of GOOACC moving straps

  • Longer foam pad for better cushioning
  • High-end gloves to keep your hands safe
  • 600lbs weight capacity

9. Gutian Furniture Moving Straps

Gutian Furniture Moving Straps

Gutian Furniture Moving Strap is  for those buyers who are willing to buy a high-end moving strap with the best possible quality durable material that provides utmost flexibility. Adjustable straps make it a great for those users who have different size furniture at home. The flexible high-quality PP material makes it easier to fit the straps around the furniture for a safe moving process.

Here are the useful features of Gutian Furniture Moving Straps

  • Superior PP material for added durability and flexibility
  • Makes the process of lifting easy and reliable
  • Non-slip mats provide it a great grip

10. Forearm Forklift Harness | 2 Person Lifting and Moving System

Forearm Forklift Harness

This is another brilliant moving strap from the Forearm Forklift. For those buyers whoare having some really large and heavy furniture at their home, this will be a great buy. With extra strong straps and great weight bearing capacity, this is probably the best and the most reliable moving strap you can buy in the current scenario. Here are the useful features of the strap

  • Center adjustable straps
  • 800lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Wide straps

Things To Consider While Purchasing Moving Straps

Moving straps gained huge popularity after the fact that it can enhance the capability to carry extra weight and holding large objects with ease. If you work in a moving company or you are just willing to buy a pair of moving straps then you have to consider a bunch of details to avoid the trouble in the future. The key features that you must consider during the purchase are –

  • Go for Padded Straps

Having padded straps to carry heavy objects will make you feel comfortable during the use. Due to this, you should look after extra soft pads to equally divide the weight on your shoulders. Straps without pads can hurt your shoulders and it became hard to carry extra weight that’s why you can consider this factor to eradicate all the issues with ease.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a person and the straps are necessary to consider. If you can’t carry excessive weight then you should look after genuine capacity like as 440 pounds. This much capacity is enough to give you the reliable use and you won’t get a single issue during the use. Make sure that you look after genuine manufacturer to get large capacity with soft pads.

  • Wide Straps with Adjustability

No doubt that wide straps will equally divide the weight on both shoulders and you won’t get a hard hit. Thin straps can cause an issue like you will feel pain on shoulders and this is the reason that you stay selective in approach to avoid getting into an issue. Make sure that you have the adjustability feature with the straps. You will not get a single issue during the use of them.

  • Ergonomic design

Manufacturer comes up with some great designs which can make you feel that you are carrying a lightweight object even it is not. Having an Ergonomic design moving straps can let you feel the ease during first-time use. Carrying objects like couch, bed, large table and such other things become easier for the use that’s why to consider the ergonomic design and check reviews about it.

  • Manufacturer

Always go for a reputed manufacturer to get genuine built quality. Such products can eradicate the trouble and you can find them helpful. Make sure that you look after reviews before buying the product. This will make you feel safe and get the best deal without making any extra effort during the purchase.

How to Use Moving Straps Properly

There needs to be few guidelines taken care of while you use the moving straps and only then can you move the straps properly. We here list the guidelines that you need to know and then you can look at the using moving straps properly. Read along.

  • First read the instructions

First you need to read the instructions on the moving straps as if you read that one then you can go for best way of preparing yourselves for using moving straps. This will also allow you to avoid any injury from moving items.

  • Wear protective shoes

Always wear shoes that has good grip so that you can get enough traction and then you don’t have to slip. That way while moving any heavy item you won’t slip ever.

  • Measure the item

See if you want to move an object then you need to make sure that the size will fit from the door you want to move along. If there is use of stairs or elevator, then you need to analyze the situation and then make everything clear about the size and you can move the item or not.

  • Make the path clear

If there is any obstruction in the path then you cannot move the object easily. So that you need to make sure that the path is clear and then your way to moving the objects easily. Always make sure of this.

Now once you take care of these things then you can position the moving straps and then you can now use it to move the objects. Here you can follow these steps to use the moving straps.

  • Put the moving straps placed across your chest and shoulders or you can also place on forearms. As we know there needs to be two people to use the strap so you have to make sure your partner also uses the strap in the same way.
  • Now you can put the straps on the floor and then in front of furniture piece that needs to be moved.
  • Then you can put the moving straps under the object and near the outside edge of the furniture.
  • Then make a small step at first in collaboration with the partner about moving the furniture. This works like one of you move forward and other one moves backward.
  • Then you can take the item where you want to and then you have to bend your knees and then you can lower the item on the floor. Just you make sure that your back is straight while you have to place the item down so that you don’t hurt your body at all.


So, these were the ten best moving straps that you can buy online. They all are an efficient and reliable way to move the things. Also, if you are moving to a new house and are not willing to hire the expensive movers, then try your hands on these extremely useful straps to do all the moving all by yourself without any issues. Choose the one that fulfills your needs and make sure to check the weight bearing capacity of the moving straps to know whether it will be a useful  buy for you, or not.

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