10 Best Wine Aerators 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Wine comes in different flavors, qualities and tastes which make it one of the luxury drinks informal parties. Collector of wine know the importance of a good brand wine, a reliable wine cooler and the last one is wine aerator. Experts say that using a wine aerator can help to preserve the taste and to have the real scent of wine.

A number of people are using wine aerator due to all the benefits offered by it. If you are willing to buy a new wine aerator then you will find plenty of options in the market. Each one has a different design to enhance the taste and give you fine texture during the use that’s why you can rely on these products.

Most of the first-time buyers always have some doubts in mind which can make them think again before the purchase. Well, a good taster can help you know what is great about a wine aerator. Or, I am here to tell you what I loved about using a wine aerator to pour wine in the glass. Let’s begin with the benefits.

Advantage of Having A Wine Aerator

A good quality wine aerator can come in handy to pour wine with ease and give it a unique look. It doesn’t matter that which wine or Merlot you love, a wine aerator help preserving taste with a unique experience. These reasons are making it highly advantageous.

  • Enhance Taste – As you pour wine using an aerator, oxidation process occur at that place which softens the taste of wine. This thing will enhance the taste and make you feel better about having the new soft texture.
  • Direct Pour – If you don’t use an aerator then you have to pour wine in the decanter and let it sit for a couple minutes before directly pouring in the glass. The aerator cut all the process and let you get the best experience with ease.
  • Lower Wastage – Using the wine aerator help you make the most out of every drop. Yes, you can get the entire bottle in glass and it won’t take much time that’s why it is a reliable choice over the selection of any other.
  • Worth the Money – Spending couple bucks may feel bad in the beginning but you will get the unique taste similar to an expensive wine which will help you get the best out of your expense. These things help in various manners during the purchase.

No doubt that plenty of people love to wine aerator and some of them are just buying it for unique pouring experience. If you are not sure how good it is then you should try out an inexpensive aerator and learn how beneficial it is.

Best Buy Wine Aerator Reviews 2020

During the purchase, most of the buyers feel stuck in between as they can’t decide which wine aerator is best to opt for. If you are also facing the same issue and you want to eradicate it as soon as possible then we have a list of top 10 wine aerator based on design, built quality, affordability and few other factors.

You can check this list and find the perfect product to your needs. Let’s begin with our top pick –

1. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

In term of smooth working with impressive experience, you can easily go with the selection of Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer because it instantly aerates wine with air. The oxidation occurs instantly which smoothen the taste and help you get desired taste that’s why it is one of the best wine aerators to go for.

Extremely simple design with higher effectiveness at a lower price is another good thing about it. You can find that all other aerators are very expensive and they make the pouring experience little bit harder but it is not the same with Vintrorio. Just place the aerator after opening the cap of a wine bottle and then you are ready to pour it with ease.

What We Like 

  • Large aerating chamber for quicker intake for air to provide better oxidation.
  • No need to worry about spreading wine on tablecloth due to accurate pouring.
  • Comes in an elegant design that looks premium and the built quality is also good to go.
  • Lifestyle manufacturer guarantee by the manufacturer for its design and working.

What We Dislike 

  • Fewer negative review about leakage after a couple weeks of the purchase

Overall Thought

This product seems like the best one in budget and it can fulfill your desire with ease. However, the leakage issue is uncommon and only seen by a fewer number of buyers.

2. Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer

Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer


As a good wine aerator eradicate the need of decanter, so a good product also reduces the efforts when you are trying to pour wine in the glass. There is plenty of manufacture with a range of products but Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer is a class in all kind. It is the most stunning and advanced design.

Pouring wine from this aerator will help you get the fine mixture of air and it will smoothen the taste for sure. You have to hold the aerator in one hand and then you have to pour wine inside it. The filter screen will trap the bits of cork and provide you a clean red wine. The price of this product is also affordable.

What We Like 

  • This product comes in easy to pour design from bottle or glass.
  • Comes with a no-drip stand to avoid dripping wine on a table or surface.
  • It has the elegant but classic Vinturi look and Patented design.
  • Pour wine in no time with fast filtration and oxidation design.

What we dislike 

  • Only design for red wine. You have to buy different variant for white wine.

Overall Thought

Everything is great about this product and it looks stunning also but you have to opt for the purchase of different variant as if you want to pour white wine.

3. Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator

Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator

A product with the premium design and thousands of positive reviews ensure that there is no other better choice. Well, the same goes with Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator because this wine aerator provides a smooth and simple experience to pour wine inside a glass. This product is also similar to our previous design.

Having the same design with little improvement makes it reliable but there is no drip stand offered by the manufacturer which makes it less reliable. If you are good at managing stuff and you don’t need any no-drip stand then you can try out this product and learn about all the advantages.

What We Like 

  • Pouring wine from this aerator gives unique, reliable and better experience.
  • Designed with perfection to pour a glass of wine in no time with ease.
  • You can pour all type of wine using the same product.
  • It is handy and makes the experience better for large sized bottles also.

What We Dislike 

  • Negative reviews about not making much difference in taste.

Overall Thought

For the wine enthusiasts, Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator is a reliable choice but you have to trust before buying because a fewer number of negative reviews can’t let you decide which product is better.

4. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Are you willing to buy a premium wine aerator or decanter which is highly reliable and suitable to pour all kind of wine? Well, you can go with the purchase of Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter. There is umbrella-shaped wine sprayer will give air exposure which will better the oxidation and enhance the taste.

As you pour wine in one glass, it will take no time and pour wine at a quick rate. Mixing more amount of air will enhance the taste but if you want to pour any other wine than red one then there is no need to worry. This product is versatile and designed for all kind of wine that’s why you can rely on it.

What We Like 

  • Versatile choice as you can pour all kind of wine using this product.
  • Comes as an aerator decanter which will give both the benefit during the use.
  • It can double the exposure which is reliable. (Manufacturer claim 3x exposure).
  • Comes in an elegant presentation box so you can gift it to anyone with ease.

What We Dislike 

  • Few buyers have a negative review saying that it doesn’t make much difference.

Overall Thought

Experiencing the taste is subjective part and it may work for you, not for someone else. Due to this, you should give it a try to ensure that if this product fulfills the need or not.

5. NutriChef Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Pump

NutriChef Electric Wine Aerator

Having an Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Pump can enhance the experience and make you feel professional when you are pouring wine in a glass. This wine aerator from NutriChef is high in demand and it can offer the same quality results as most of the people expect a bar or club.

It is an automatic breather tap machine with easy to serve option. You have to bring glass near to pourer and then press the button. So, it enhances the wine pouring experience and you can rely on it without any issue except the expensive price point.

What We Like 

  • Extremely premium in design with tap button to pour wine.
  • It is an electric piece of art to make you feel better during the use.
  • Mixed air perfectly and provide oxidized wine to drink.
  • Doubles the taste by quick air exposure technology used with the product.

What We Dislike 

  • Bit expensive price point makes it a less reliable choice as compared to the others.

Overall Thought

No doubt that there are plenty of options available in the market. If you want to get the best one and without getting into any kind of issue then you can choose this one for a bit expensive price.

6. Vinturi V1071 Deluxe Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer

Vinturi V1071 Deluxe Essential Red Wine Aerator

Having an aerator which requires holding and pouring may seem like a bad choice because that doesn’t feel convenient. If you consider Venturi V1071 Deluxe Essential Red Wine Aerator stand then you can understand that what we exactly mean. This wine aerator allows you to put a glass below it and then pour wine easily.

You don’t have to hold the aerator and this product has plenty of features. It can provide 3x exposure with quick time pouring benefits. During the exposure, it may take little time but you will get the fine texture and smooth taste while having the wine so it enhances the wine drinking experience.

What We Like 

  • It has red wine Tower arm, aerator, Tower base, no-drip stand &, no-splash grate.
  • Designed to work with all types of red wines make it suitable for long term use.
  • Tower base makes it easy to use and pour wine inside the glass in no time.
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe mechanism for higher convenience during the use.

What We Dislike 

  • Bit pricy side makes it less affordable to use.

Overall Thought

Except for the pricy side, this product is reliable and designed for long term durability. If you want to enhance wine pouring experience then you can easily go with this product.

7. Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Aervana Original

Sad to say but Aervana Original1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator doesn’t belong to this list because it is one of the most expensive and luxury wine aerators. It has the best design for instant aeration and one push of a button will start pouring wine in your glass.

As you look at other products then it is easy to find that this one is unique, designed with perfection and it enhances the taste easily. For the long term durability, you can find a sturdy built quality which will last for years and you will not feel any need of changing it.

What We Like 

  • Build with premium quality material and a unique design for better aeration.
  • Provide instant aeration with a single tap of a button.
  • Considered as the best in class due to convenience while using the product.
  • It is dishwasher safe and there is no lifting, waiting and spilling issues.

What We Dislike 

  • The luxury design comes for a luxury price point.

Overall Thought

Designed with perfection to meet the desire of people who want to complete luxury. This product will fulfill the need easily and help you get impressive experience during the use.

8. Coravin 802013 Wine Preservation System Aerator

Coravin 802013 Wine Preservation System Aerator

Do you want a wine aerator with preservation technology built inside? Well, Coravin 802013 Wine Preservation System Aerator is a great choice to fulfil the need easily. Experience the different taste of wine with this aerator because it blends air in a unique manner to provide better taste.

There is a stand with the aerator to keep everything on place. You have to place the aerator unit on the bottle of wine and then add the aerator cap in front. Now, you will get quick time experience using this product. Make sure to check out their official video about how to use for a better experience.

What We Like 

  • Gives the smooth blend by adding enough amount of air in wine.
  • It comes with a secure design to eradicate spilling issue which is common with others.
  • The superior performance will boost the experience of using the product.
  • Built of premium quality material and it seems sturdy in term of usability.

What We Dislike 

  • There are many small parts which are easy to lose.

Overall Thought

Considering the great built quality and superior design, we can say that Coravin 802013 Wine Preservation System Aerator is a reliable design and you can find it helpful in all the cases.

9. Ivation Wine Aerator

Ivation Wine Aerator

One of the best wine gift set that you can rely on upon without a single issue is Ivation Wine Aerator. This three-piece wine set will give you the unique fit that’s why it is a better design. You can easily pour wine inside the glass using this product and you can find better texture with a smooth taste.

There are vacuum preserver and stoppers to enhance the usability experience automatically. There is also a blue LED charging base to provide smooth experience during the use. The aerator and foil cutter will enhance the taste by mixing air in a different manner and you can expect an enhanced working method.

What We Like 

  • Mix air by the unique manner which doubles the taste and gets you the same taste like an expensive one.
  • It is a three-piece design with Stamped Stoppers which will help with the usability of the product.
  • The electric corkscrew extractor will pull out the wine and pour inside the glass. As a gift, it is a reliable choice.

What We Dislike 

  • Few people have leakage issue during the use after a couple of months of purchase.

Overall Thought

Considering the design and its working method, it is surely a reliable choice and we loved the in-hand experience. But the issue is with built quality because it seems a bit cheaper.

10. Soireehome In-Bottle Wine Aerator

Soireehome In-Bottle Wine Aerator

The last product in our list is Soireehome In-Bottle Wine Aerator which is similar to our top pick but it has bit expensive price. This one is going to pour wine directly from the bottle and you can expect better aeration during the use which will enhance your experience.

Most people love the texture because it mixes air directly and creates a simple but smooth texture that you will love during the use. For a first time buyer, it is a great and less expensive choice in term of in-bottle wine aerator. The material used in the manufacturing is premium quality gourmet for long term use.

What We Like 

  • Provides you smooth texture with higher air oxidation design.
  • Instantly boost the taste by producing smooth texture in the wine.
  • Easy to use as it is in bottle wine aerator and provide quick time pouring.
  • For all the wine enthusiasts, it is a great design and perfect gift to use.

What We Dislike 

  • Considering it as an in-bottle aerator, the price seems higher.

Overall Thought

When we ordered this product, we were not sure about the design but this wine aerator looks great and it feels premium in hands. For long-term use, we will suggest using this product for better-built quality and usability.

Wine Aerator – Buying Guide

No doubt in the fact that there are plenty of wine aerator manufacturers available in the market and most of the online sources have a huge variety to offer. However, most of the people don’t know which one is suitable to get the perfect experience during the use. Due to such reasons, we are mentioning a bunch of factors that can help you during the purchase.

  • In Bottle Wine Aerator or A Stand – You can find two types of design, in a bottle and normal. Both are reliable but if you choose in-bottle then you can expect no waiting and quick aeration. This enhances the experience during the use. However, it has spilling issue in some cases that’s why you can choose the normal one. But, they are less convenient during the use of it.
  • Electric or Normal – The next choice is to look after a simple aerator based on great design or an electric one. The good thing about electric aerator is, you can pour wine without tilting the bottle. Even, the electric one look premium also that’s why you can choose them over the selection of any other wine aerator.
  • Design – No doubt that the design is a major reason behind perfection exposure to air. Better the design, better the taste of wine. So, you should consider the design and then look after reviews because it is an easy method to know about perfection and quality of a working aerator.
  • Material – Most of the aerators are made up of glass or such other materials. All these designs are great but if they are not durable then there is no use of that. Due to this, you should check which material is used in manufacturing.

After considering all these factors, you can check out the price to ensure buying a quality product. Do not consider buying extremely cheap product otherwise you can find spilling issues with them. It will waste your wine.

How to use a wine aerator properly

In this section, we are going to talk about the correct way to use the aerator through a step-by-step guide that will help you use the aerator for the best results.

Step 1. Choose the right aerator for yourself

The first and the most important thing that you should consider while getting the perfect aerator is to choose the right type of aerator according to your needs. The three most common aerators currently available in the market are hand-held aerator, aerator pourer, and the automated aerator. All the stated types have different procedure and it is essential that you choose the correct type of aerator for yourself. By choosing the right aerator for yourself, you can easily get the perfectly aerated wine according to your needs and budget. Also, make sure to search how the aerator should ideally be used to get the best results.

Step 2. Judge the right quantity to be poured at a time

Another important thing that you should be aware of while using the aerator is the amount of wine the aerator can handle in one go. Do not over pour the wine as it may not provide the same results. Most of the modern aerators come with the minimum and maximum marks to make things easier for the users. If not, you can easily refer to the manual or try the hit and trial method to get the best results.

Step 3. Get the perfectly aerated wine

That’s it. Just pour the required amount of wine in the aerator and you will be ready with the perfectly aerated wine in no time.  Enjoy your drink and show-off your wine preparing skills to the guest by using the aerators perfectly.

This was the simple step-to-step procedure that you can easily follow in order to get flawlessly aerated wine every single time. So follow them as it is, and get the best results without any fail. Just make sure that you are using the right aerator for yourself, and you are ready to have the perfectly aerated wine every time when you are throwing a party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1. Does Wine Aerator Really Work?

  • Yes, wine aerator work by mixing air inside the wine when you are pouring it inside the glass.

Que 2. What kind of benefit do you get with Aerator?

  • Enhancement in taste is mandatory but the use of different technology in the different product provide a slight change in smoothness and texture of the wine.

Que 3. Should you buy the luxury class wine aerator?

  • Buying the luxury aerator mean spending a big amount of money for aeration. Instead of it, you can go with a premium range and save money with ease.

Que 4. How does wine aerator work?

  • Enhancing the air exposure to wine help with the improvement of taste and it gives the smooth texture of wine also.


During the purchase, you can focus on plenty of designs available in the market but if you want the best then you should consider buying online. This method will help you choose a suitable product. In addition to this, the variety is great at online platforms.

Make sure that you check out our top pick and all other designs to find the perfect product to fulfill your need. Hope, this post will let you take an easier design during the purchase.

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